What is Nutritional Therapy?

To understand Nutritional Therapy, let's start with what it is not.  It is NOT a diet, meal plan, or calorie restriction program.  It is NOT a magic supplement or a guessing game to try to figure out what is wrong with you.  And it is NOT a one-size-fits all approach to healing. 


Nutritional Therapy is:

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Nutritional Therapy focuses on the signs and symptoms that your body might be telling you in addition to specific testing in order to get to the root of an issue and understand where the underlying drivers might lie.  Testing can include full blood panels, GI panel, food sensitivity test, full adrenal panel and more.   

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Nutritional Therapy is based on a whole food, nutrient-dense, well sourced diet so you will never feel "deprived" or nutrient-starved.  By eliminating processed foods and nutrient-sparse foods, your body will stop craving the foods that deplete instead of fuel.  



Healing does not happen overnight and it does take dedication, discipline, and patience.  Nutritional Therapy will give you a specific 3 month detailed plan based on your bio-individually, test results, and your goals.  This includes diet, supplements, lifestyle recommendations, and support.