Q:  What types of Testing do you offer?  How much are they? 

A:  I currently offer:  A Full Blood Chemistry Panel -- covering over 60 markers including a full lipid panel, anemia, thyroid, mineral, digestion, liver, kidney, immune, and blood sugar markers.  GI DNA Map test -- this is the most sensitive stool test on the market resulting in an extremely thorough and detailed report of a client's gut ecology including number and types of healthy bacteria, pathogenic or opportunistic bacteria, fungal overgrowth, parasites, and H.pylori.  It can determine if a client has gluten sensitivity, estrogen dominance, and inflammation in the intestines.  MRT Food Sensitivity test - tests your blood against 170 types of foods to determine the degree to which you have an immune reaction (food sensitivity) to that food.  SIBO Breath Test - breath test to measure for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.  Full Adrenal Panel - tests CAR, cortisol levels throughout the day and DHEA.  Full Hormone Panel - coming early 2019.  Test prices vary between $125 and $380 depending on the specific test.  I do not add markup to tests-- these prices are already at their most discounted rate.

Q:  Why do you work in 3-month packages vs. single sessions?  

A:  I ask for full commitment in advance because I need you to be ALL in.  I can give you the road map toward healing but you also need to be willing to do the work.  Remember... YOU ARE WORTH IT.  Imagine how much more you'll be able to give to this life once you've made that investment into yourself.

Q:  Will I be healed after 3 months?

A:  It depends on the degree to which healing work was required upon our initial appointment and with your level of dedication to the process.  Most clients feel amazing by the end of their 3rd month and are ready to go into maintenance mode.  A few of my clients have more complicated cases or have been ill for many years so after the 3 months they will need to re-test and renew another 3 month package with me at a discounted price.  My goal always is to be able to get right to the root of your issues, tackle them head on, and provide a way towards lasting healing in the quickest amount of time possible.   

I started out the year making a promise to myself that I would finally focus on self care. I would finally love and honor my body instead of ignoring it and having constant thoughts of hate and frustration. Several abdominal surgeries, severe endometriosis, and now menopause brought on by my complete hysterectomy— I wasn’t sleeping well, was constantly crashing, and overall felt yucky most of the time. I am fortunate to have worked with the lovely Alyssa Hustedt. We did some testing and she created a protocol to heal my gut, regulate my blood sugar and help me to sleep. I am now almost 2 months in. The first 3 weeks were trippy as I felt my body switch from glucose burning to fat burning. The body is crazy... once I jumped over that huge adjustment hurdle, I started to feel better, not crash as much, sleep better, and dropped almost 10 pounds. Not to mention my joints feel better! Naturally with feeling better, I am happier. I have less anxiety. I am so incredibly thankful for Alyssa and her encouragement, guidance and support throughout.
— Andee B.